Do Freelancers Get Paid More Than Employees?

Do Freelancers Get Paid More Than Employees?

Over the last several years there has been this own going debate between freelancers vs. full time employees. The debate discusses whether or not freelancers get paid more than full time employees and believe it or not, they do.

It’s that simple. That is because  freelancers charge more and can take home a lot more of their pay than employees are able to. Contractors have three major advantages: they typically charge more, they pay less in taxes, and they can deduct their expenses.

Additionally, they are saving the company money because as freelancers companies do not have to cover the expense of health insurance, life insurance, disability insurance and a host of other benefits.

Lastly, freelancers aren’t taking up physical space so companies don’t have to worry about buying equipment or other electronic necessities.


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