Freelance Graphic Design Jobs Work From Home

Freelance Graphic Design Jobs Work From Home

1. Job Boards

The obvious first stop is job boards. There are sites like Indeed, SimplyHired and even Craigslists that offer great graphic design opportunities that aren’t always scams.

2. Graphic Design-Specific Job Boards

There are several job boards that are geared primarily toward graphic designers. These are a few of the good ones to start:

3. Bidding and Competition Sites

There are a few well-known sites where you can bid for work and compete for gigs in other ways. You’ve probably heard of these:


4. Social Media

Possibly the best place to find graphic design jobs on social media is on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. If you are able to identify groups that have business owners you can often share referrals via social media.


5. Building Your Portfolio (and Business)

Once you’re able to do some graphic design work and build a portfolio, you’ll have a better chance of getting more work. Your past and current clients may end up referring you to their friends and colleagues, which can send even more work your way.

Landing a job with an agency may send you a high volume of work and give you lots of experience, but agency work might also require too much of you if you want to keep this a low-key side gig. If you do find agency work that fits your schedule, you’ll have a solid foundation for wherever your graphic design business takes you.

You can also create a blog to support your graphic design business. Blogging for business is a solid strategy, though it does require time from you that you might prefer to spend just building your business through more typical marketing efforts like cold pitching and networking.