How To Market to Black People

How To Market to Black People

If you have been following us on Twitter for any length of time you have probably seen how much we advocate for the importance of reaching black consumers.  While we continue preaching this rhetoric across our platforms there are still countless companies out there who continue to offend black consumers or who just fail at effectively reaching us.

As someone who studies the psychology surrounding black consumers and also the buying trends and power of these African American consumers I have identified one major thread and that is that African American consumers continue to be a missed opportunity. There is money to be made, social currency to gain and brand relevance to enhance by understanding and connecting with especially millennial and Gen Z African Americans.


Black People Are The Main Stream 

According to a Nielsen study, the next generation of black consumers are in fact social media leaders are also leaders in creating new models for music and tv distribution.

The strength of this group is not necessarily related to number as figuratively speaking this group is still the minority; however, this number is in influence and spending compared to other groups.

If you don’t believe the influence of African Americans exists take a look through social media and you will see many slang words that originated in the black community including slang words and phrases like “clapback,” “squad goals,” “lit,” and “dragged”), in music (Trap) and viral dances (Juju).

Getting Brands To Spend Their Advertising Dollars on  Black Consumers 

Even as social media continues to grow in importance, we continue to find a resounding theme of non diversity inside corporate and social media departments.  While many of these companies doesn’t deny the lack of diversity in their companies, this lack of diversity in part can be what contributes to the lack of knowledge surrounding how much of an opportunity is often missed out on due to a lack of understanding the demographic.

How Can Brands Market to Black People?

If you are a brand that is looking to effectively reach black consumers consider bringing more black creatives to the table. We created Black Girl Group to do just that. By connecting companies who want to reach black consumers to creative freelancers in advertising, marketing and communications.

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