Are Layoffs Coming In 2022?

The Great Resignation. The Employee’s Job Market. We have all heard and read the stories of just how insane the job market has become these days. In fact, I sat down with Cheddar News a few months ago to discuss the hot job market and how the Great Resignation was fueling and now it seems the tables are turning.

Last week we watched as headlines of top tech companies either laying off or freezing hiring dominated the news cycles. The Federal Reserve hiked interest rates. The Dow and Nasdaq continued to fall after a cruel April. And if you are into rumors in Silicon Valley there’s a lot of talk that hiring is slowing and more layoffs are on the horizon. Oh, and don’t forget about the recession, supply shortage and the war in Ukraine and Russia. Now is definitely not the time to be “slowing down” on your job search.

Now the number one question being asked is if Layoffs Are Coming in 2022? In many industries have already begun. Why? The reason is two fold.

Business growth is slowing, while labor costs are increasing. This recipe for disaster is causing American companies across a variety of industries to slash headcount.

So what can you do to avoid a layoff? Not much but what you can do is prepare in case it happens by doing a few of the falling things.

  1. Update Your Resume. Hopefully, you’ve been updating your resume regularly
  2. Research Your Field
  3. Update Your LinkedIn Profile (or Create One) …
  4. Save and Cut Your Expenses) …
  5. Take Advantage of Your Benefits.

If you are in the Marketing/Advertising/Communications industry looking for a new role or you have recently been laid off I would love to connect you with some of our open roles. Feel free to email me at

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