While we are a black owned online freelance agency there are several black owned employment agencies across the country:   Nolan Career Consulting Founded by Aaron Nolan, Nolan Career Consulting specializes in placing top talent within diverse organizations. Those with interest in the

Are you looking for African American job websites? While we take pride in being the number one marketplace for black women freelancers below are a list of other websites that may be of benefit to African Americans looking for jobs.  Make

Have you ever wondered what some  of top paying careers for black women are? Well Black Enterprise released a study from Forbes that may surprise you: No. 1: Pharmacists Median weekly earnings: $1,871 Approximate median yearly earnings: $97,500 Women as percentage of the profession:

Outsourcing can mean several things to several different people, depending on how you ask. According to Jesus Lopez on Medium (that's hay sus and not like Jesus Christ by the way) Outsourcing has become increasingly popular over the last decade as