Do Freelancers Get Maternity Pay?

Do Freelancers Get Maternity Pay?

Having a baby is a new and exciting time for parents but not always so exciting for freelancers. In most full time workplace positions, parents typically are allowed 6-12 weeks of maternity leave; however, when you’re a freelancer you are not covered by FMLA and you have to figure out how to be creative in order to take time off for a new child.

To Tell or Not to Tell

Most people struggle with whether or not they should tell their freelance clients if they are pregnant or not and we suggest that you use your discretion. Many pregnant freelancers fear that if they tell their clients they will be replaced so instead feel things out and determine if telling your employer is what’s best for you.

Disability Insurance

Freelancers and other self-employed individuals can also sign up for disability insurance to help cover costs after the baby arrives or in the case of pregnancy complications. According to the says, “Your plan will cover a portion of your income if you suffer from a disabling accident, illness, or pregnancy or disabling complications of pregnancy.” There are several private insurance companies that offer disability insurance for affordable rates, ranging from $8-50 a month.

Work Ahead

If you have the ability to work ahead,  then try to do 3 months worth of work ahead of time that way you will b able to ease slowly back into work without having to return immediately.

Minimize Your Priorities

If you are not willing to slow down on work while taking care of a  baby, you need to make plans to make other areas of your life less stressful.


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