How To Break Into Freelance Writing When Every Editor Says No

How To Break Into Freelance Writing When Every Editor Says No

“I wish I could jump into freelancing like you but I don’t know how to pitch in order for an editor to say yes,” those were the words of one of my friends after ONE long day attempting to jump into the freelance writing world. I had convinced her to at least give freelance writing a try part time after she had witnessed first hand how many writing success stories I had created. Sadly, after day one she was ready to throw in the towel.

She’s not alone.

Each and every day another aspiring writer eagerly pitches to an editor and just as soon as he or she pitches, they are left rejected and wondering what they can do next in order to have their voices heard.

The best next step?

Bet on yourself.

I know that might sound cliche but it really does work. When every editor says no and you KNOW you have a great product, bet on yourself.

There are several websites available that will allow you to post your content for free without having to worry about the fear of rejection. This includes: Huffington Post’s new blogger platform, Medium, WordPress and one of my favorites Linkedin.

The main objective in freelance writing is to ultimately get paid to write; however, before you can embrace monetization you must first learn how to capture an audience and the above websites already have large audiences it’s simply up to you to capture and engage with them.

Once you’ve got your audience and engagement numbers up, the monetization will come.

Trust me.

I didn’t start making money as a freelancer overnight, it literally came with hardwork and a perfected strategy.

What places have you started writing in since being told no by editors?Leave your comments below.