How To Make Money Using Canva as a Freelancer

How To Make Money Using Canva as a Freelancer

If you’re anything like me and follow countless amounts of other freelancers in your field(mine is writing) on social media then you’ve probably seen a large number of social media graphics attached to every single link you’ve ever seen on social media. These social media graphics are created to give those on social media an extra push to click on the content being presented them. Often times these graphics look like this:

While these graphics do generally look like something that has been created on Photoshop it was actually created on Canva, for surprise surprise HALF THE COST.

Now for many of you this is no surprise and you my friends are the ones who need to keep reading because you could be getting paid to design in Canva.

I like many people have always assumed that because I’m good at something, everybody else is too and while it’s very generous to think that way it’s not reality. I LOVE to write and I think I write pretty well. Designging on the other hand? I can do it but I don’t consider myself a graphic designer.

If you find yourself being able to spend hours at a time designing on Canva then perhaps you should consider getting paid to do it.

A quick Google search of the terms social media graphic designer will give you a plethora of leads looking to hire people just like you to simply create their graphics for social media.

It’s that simple.

What are you waiting on? Let’s get you paid!

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