How To Make Money Using Video as a Freelancer

When I was first introduced to Youtube as a young kid I only depended on the site to help feed my obsession of then popular teen boy group, B2k. As I got older and eventually grew out of my fandom years, I began to use the site as a way to learn new skills I had never learned before. Youtube had literally become my classroom and as I saw more and more influencers making money on the site so effortlessly I couldn’t help but wonder if I too could monetize off the video curation giant.

I like many others set up my first Youtube account, then my second, then my third and fourth and after several failed attempts, I gave up. Maybe monetizing for video isn’t for me. Right? Wrong.

After failing at monetizing through Youtube I stumbled across video reviews/testimonials via Fiverr and instantly my wheels began to turn. Maybe I could monetize off of video after all.

Now, before you like many other people begin to dismiss sites like Fiverr because (there’s no real money on Fiverr) this is not about getting rich, it’s about a)getting the video clientele to keep coming back. b) making extra money to supplement your income.

I began my Fiverr video challenge in January and made over $300.00 and I made the videos with my phone! At this rate an extra $300.00 could easily add an extra $3,600.00 to my end of the year income.

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