How To Monetize When Writing For “Free”

How To Monetize When Writing For “Free”

A couple of days ago I saw the funniest shirt online that read “I Am a Freelancer That Doesn’t Mean I Work For Free,” I instantly exploded with laughter because I knew the feeling. As a freelance writer it often seems as if we are always looked at as being on the bottom of the totem pole. I never understood that concept because the writer has all the power. It’s the content that the WRITER produces that generates traffic to your website. It is the WRITER who writes your social media messages that gets you likes, follows and shares. It is the WRITER who makes or break your website and yet no one really seems to appreciate, the writer.

Over the last few years I have been approached by several sites (and I have approached several as well) about writing for their publications and was flabbergasted to find out that some of the sites I frequented often didn’t pay their writers. While some sites flat out tell you they don’t pay you to write for them others offer a “pay by performance” fee which means if your content performs well, you get paid. If it doesn’t perform well, you don’t get paid. Pretty simple right? Not quite, if you’ve spent hours refining a piece only to have done it for free.

In my early days I would find myself complaining and upset when a top publication told me they didn’t pay and then I realized just because they don’t pay you, doesn’t mean you can’t make money while “writing for free”.

After excessively digging through several online resources and trying them for myself I have found four quick ways you can monetize while still writing for free.

Guest Posting

Influencer Marketing has become a huge thing in 2016. It has changed how we as marketers and freelancer writers view Marketing. Because of this shift to influencer marketing, now more than ever brands and companies are reaching out to bloggers and writers for opportunities to guest post. A guest post is a popular way for brands to get exposure on the platform you write for, and, if done correctly, can substantially increase relevant and targeted traffic to their website, which in turn can result in more customers and clients. The prices people will pay for a guest post from you can vary depending on your audience.

Link To Your Website

One of the best ways to promote your website is through self promotion. If you are fortunate to write for a large publication make sure you link to your website at the bottom of every post you write or in your writer bio. If you monetize through Adsense on your site then being able to push traffic to your site is the key to increasing financial revenue. Depending on how large the audience is for the website you are writing for you can see a substantial increase in adsense revenue in as little as a week.

Create A Paid Creative Resource

Do you have tips you think people would be willing to pay for? Write an E-Book, Guide, White Paper etc. Once you have created the resource you can literally write article surrounding your product and then link to it when you’re writing for larger publications. Imagine how much money you could make selling your product within an article that has been viewed thousands of times on sites such as Huffington Post or Forbes. The opportunities are endless, the larger the site is.

Share Your Post As Much As Possible

Never underestimate the power you have on social media. If you write an article don’t be afraid to share it. Share it as much as you can because if you are fortunate enough to have your article go viral then you’ll have the entire world looking at not only your writing but wanting to learn more about what you do and what you have to offer them.

The opportunities are endless even as a writer who writes for free. The key to success is knowing how to properly execute the tips above.

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