Top Paying Freelance Jobs

Top Paying Freelance Jobs

Disclaimer: Freelancing is not for everyone and while these top paying freelance jobs may motivate you, this post was not created to give you advice to quit your job.

Before I begin today’s blog post I have to admit that I had to give this disclaimer after a friend of mine sent me a meme and said that this was totally me in real life:

and I agree 100%. Alot of things in life have worked for me and alot of things haven’t and so I try to put a disclaimer in where I can because I don’t want to be responsible for ruining anyone’s life (although I do believe I give good freelance advice).

Any who, earlier this week I read a very intriguing article about some of the top paying freelance jobs and I had to share just in case any of you are in these fields and don’t realize you could be monetizing either full time or as a “side hustler” off of things that come to you naturally:

This is obviously a given because everything we read has to be written by someone, right? There are several freelance writers who make more than six figures in a year and while that is not quite me YET, I do know that the opportunities are endless as a writer and all it takes is a pen, paper and a computer to get started.


Do you speak a second language outside of English? There are several opportunities to work as a translating freelancer and the best part is if you are certified by the American Translators Association you can earn an average of $72,000 a year by just translating.


A freelance wedding photographer can easily start his or her pricing at $2,000 for just a couple of hours of editing and shooting and people are ALWAYS getting married and or engaged. Of course price tags may vary considering your markets but as more photo based social media platforms are being created, photography services are continuing to increase in demand.

Social Media

If you’re a social media ADDICT, rejoice! There is a job for you as a freelancer. While newbies in social media may charge around $15 per hour, a very experienced social media expert can charge up to $250 per hour.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

During my years in SEO I learned first hand how lucrative the industry could be especially for freelancers. People new to the field can still charge as much as $50 per hour and there are some experts who charge $1,000 per hour. If you can master one particular section of SEO such as lnikbuilding, the sky is the limit.

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