What Is A Diversity Consultant?

What Is A Diversity Consultant?

Are you interested in hiring a diversity consultant but not quite sure of what a Diversity Consultant is?Check out this definition from our friends at SHRM:

Diversity consultants can be deployed successfully in companies large and small, in organizations with sizable diversity functions or with none at all. They can be drawn from large consulting practices or chosen as specialized independent contractors.

“Diversity officers don’t necessarily come out of any diversity discipline; they often have backgrounds in HR or management,” says Christopher Metzler, director of the Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity Studies program at Cornell University. “Consultants can essentially coach in-house diversity professionals through unique projects or unfamiliar situations.”

Toni Riccardi, chief diversity officer for PricewaterhouseCoopers in the United States, frequently pulls in diversity consultants to augment her own skills and knowledge base. “For instance, when I first took this role, it had been a while since we’d done an organizational assessment on where we are in terms of diversity,” says Riccardi, who is based in the public accounting firm’s Chicago offices.

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