What Outsourcing Job Means?

What Outsourcing Job Means?

Outsourcing can mean several things to several different people, depending on how you ask. According to Jesus Lopez on Medium (that’s hay sus and not like Jesus Christ by the way)

Outsourcing has become increasingly popular over the last decade as companies grow and their needs start to get so specific, that supply for particular positions, is not easily found in the national market. Moreover, with the rise of the startup ecosystem, outsourcing has provided a way for founders and entrepreneurs to find international top tech talent at a considerable discount to create their companies or enhance their existing team.

This term is very much obscured and usually wrapped in negative connotation, as it has been closely related with a flight of jobs away from the US into foreign companies.

While Jesus may view it as having a negative impact we look it as a way to help you improve productivity and also your bottom line.

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